About us

We are a low fee levying school based on National Curriculum taught in English medium. As the motto of the school goes: “To be the best citizen of this land” - the school boasts of putting out well rounded up citizens who are educated, disciplined and who have learnt to respect the Nation with fervor. The co-curricular activities and the school policy are designed with the sole intention of providing balanced, affordable and higher quality of education. The goal is made possible with well qualified / trained staff from Play Group to GCE Advanced Level, where a child enters and a qualified personnel goes out. The modern audio visual facilities, technical studies and practical lesson in our well equipped laboratories are provided making the learning process more up-to-date, relevant and further more interesting to the students. Our past students are well placed in the society, and highly respected for the values they bring with them as trained and nurtured with care individuals.


  • The mission of Readway International is to enable,encourage and endow every student to initiate the lifelong pursuit of learning by providing a safe,nurturing,enjoyable,culturally fruitful and stimulating environment. Readway International is committed to instill in each student the values needed to holistically grow and develop in body mind and soul.We forge strong bonds with parents, thus enhancing balance in the development process of each student.
  • We at Readway International practice the perfect curriculum,international exposure,academics beyond excellence,effective communication & multi-tasking skills,and the best possible aptitude based career development which lay the foundation that helps every child to achieve success in all phases of life and contribute worthily to the global society.
  • To produce disciplined citizens and great leaders with obedience to the Creator, well equipped with intellectual power and skills to face the modern world challenges and meet the needs of the community and our nation Sri Lanka. Readway International to amalgamate traditional values with the best global practices of teaching and learning. We committed to cater best quality education.


  • To become a premier urban school of education recognized for its diversity, and known for excellence in teaching, learning and research.